The vitiligo cure you have been looking for

woman healed by vitiligo cureVitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by patches of pigmented skin. Many people spend their lifetime searching for a vitiligo cure, and never find it. That is about to change. The vitiligo is believed to destroy melanocytes. These melanocytes are what gives skin its color, which is why sufferers will have white patches on their skin.

Around 100 million people in the world suffer from Vitiligo and of those people, roughly 1% of them are Americans. This skin disorder is politically correct because it effects both men and women from every tribe and nation. It is also known as leucoderma.

Researchers have yet to understand what it is that causes vitiligo but there are a few theories:

1)      It’s caused by sunburn and prolonged anxiety.

2)      It is an auto-immune disease that targets the melanocytes.

3)      It’s a disorder in the melanocytes themselves triggering pathways that result in cell suicide.

As mentioned before, the most obvious symptoms of this disease are white blotches on the sufferers’ body. Over time, these spots can increase in size. For more information on this terrible skin condition, make sure to visit the website. In terms of how quickly these white patches spread varies from person to person. If a sufferer is lucky, then patches spread very slowly over several years but in worse case scenario’s, the vitiligo spreads considerably faster.

The white spots of the disease are mainly seen on people’s hands and feet and around the lips of a person’s face. Basically parts of the body that are regularly exposed to the sun. Conversely, these spots are also found in the groin and genital area, armpits, the naval and just inside nostrils. It has also been observed that sufferers of leucoderma tend to go grey at a much earlier age.

The most obvious is sign of leucoderma is the white blotches appearing on your body. Other aspects that endorse this verdict include:

  • Whether someone in your family has suffered from vitiligo.
  • If a family member has had an autoimmune disease.
  • If you had grey hair before you hit the age of thirty five.
  • Blood tests and biopsys are sometimes taken to make sure that it is not another medical condition.

The good news is that a lot of pharmaceutical companies are pumping a lot of money into researching this skin disease. Unfortunately this means that there is no standardized treatment that suits everyone. Treatments for the disease can be very expensive and even the best focused treatments are not continually effective. Some have even been associated with a lot of side effects.

For first time treatment, most practitioners recommend using steroids to treat the problem as well as immunomodulators. These are short term treatments because continuous use makes them ineffective and leaves the potential to increased side effects. Ultraviolet light alongside medication is another option. The problem with this is that you need to regularly visit specialized clinics over a period of weeks or even months. This makes the process incredibly costly. There are also dangerous side effects associated with this treatment if used long term. They include the threat of skin cancer and potential eye damage.

Some people have been known to get tattoos to cover up small white effected areas. In extreme measures some people have tried surgical skin grafting. Unfortunately this can actually increase the trauma to your skin and make the symptoms worse.

Although many people are sceptical about the use of herbal extracts and vitamins, medical researchers have admitted that people have been cured using a combination of the two mixed together. Research in the eighties and then the nineties have confirmed this fact. Swedish doctors in the 1990’s stated that sufferers of vitiligo had been cured within just three weeks simply using vitamin supplementation.

This may be the first time you have heard about this. That is because pharmaceutical and medical make a lot of money from treatments mentioned previously so they do not want this research to be widely available.

Young doctors may never be told about this effective alternative or older doctors might be less inclined to share the information because of the money they can make from each patient.

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