How to build muscle using top creatine monohydrate

It can be a hard slog when you are attempting to build some more muscle. Perhaps you are a scrawny guy, that want to pack on a few more pounds. Or you might be a athlete that isn’t quite at the right weight. Some people’s metabolism just won’t let them gain weight from eating a little extra. This is where the creatine monohydrate come in.

Sure, you can try to eat more protein, or even take protein shakes at regular intervals,  but these won’t get the same results as a creatine supplement. This type of supplement has been used with success by many thousands of men and women.

What makes this supplement so great, is that it releases a chemical known as adenosine triphosphate. This chemical enables the athlete to increase endurance levels, and with increased endurance, you can train harder, longer and fast. If you think that creatine monohydrates are for you, make sure to visit

These monohydrates is usually sold in the form of powder and capsules.  The powder is mixed with water, and consumed before a training session. This creatine then releases the ATP chemical, which allows the athlete to train at a much higher level. This increased endurance will help the athlete to build more muscle mass.

In the case of creatine monohydrate tablets, the tablets can be taken before a workout, and has much the same effect as the powder version.

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