Best epilators of 2014 revealed

The smart people over at the website have revealed their top list of epilators for 2014. They spent hours researching the different models, and poring over user reviews, and doing loads of tests to determine which epilator really is the best.

While compiling their list of the  top epilators of 2014 they looked at models from all the top manufacturers. These include Remington, Braun, Epilady, Philips, Panasonic and Tria. A large number of devices were put to the test, and only a handful came out with flying colours.

The girls over at EFW considered factors such as ease of use, design, number of tweezers, amongst many other factors. Scores were given in a number of categories, and the best performers were announced.

Other factors that were looked at, were how loud the epilator is. If you have a couple of kids in the house, and you are epilating after having put them to bed, you don’t want something that sounds like a boeing passing overhead.

Some of the epilator models also cause more pain than others. The search was on for the epilator that provides the smoothest shave with the least amount of discomfort.

In the end the Braun Silk Epil 7921 was crowned as the best epilator of 2014. This device removes hairs more thoroughly than any other model that was tested. Another neat feature of this great unit by Braun, is that it also does the exfoliatig for you. Talk about a time saver!

This exfoliation feature is great, and is supposed to be four times more effective than scrubbing by hand.

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