Beating the dreaded orange peel skin

the truth about cellulite reviews imageCellulite is a word dreaded by all women. It is widely feared, and has brought many women to tears. It will continue to do so until the end of humankind. It is just one of those natural things that every woman will experience in her life. Doesn’t make it any better knowing that.

For years doctors and dermatologists have prescribed creams, ointments, micro-dermabrasion, rollers, and many other magical cures to this condition. Few of these really work in the long term.

In fact, a man by the name of Joey Atlas recently shared his research with the world. He is adamant that oils, creams and ointments cannot cure you from cellulite. He has actually stated that there are products that will actually make your cellulite worse.

This is because cellulite is not actually a skin problem, it is related to the structure underneath the skin. This structure is muscle fibers experiencing atrophy. This atrophy must be reversed to cure cellulite.

Many spas are cashing in on the cellulite problem, offering services and products that have not been proven to make any difference at all. Many of these services are very painful, and make no impact at all on the dreaded orange peel.

Atlas has shared all of his years of research in a guide, and one of the best The Truth About Cellulite reviews I have read can be found on the Scar Removal HQ website.

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